At this time we have no puppies or adult dogs available. 

We have no litter plans at this time. 8/13/2020

Consider Rescuing An Aussie!!

For those interested in obtaining a puppy or adult dog from Arcoiris, please note the following: All pet/ companion puppies or adults are sold or placed on spay/neuter contract only.


In the case of puppies or adults sold for show or breeding: We require that the puppy is NOT bred before the age of 2 years old and that such puppy or adult has all health clearances before breeding (hips, elbows, eye, etc.)


Our contract stipulates that the buyer agrees NOT to breed such puppy to a dog of ANY other breed, including Miniature Australian Shepherds. We support both USASA and ASCA's stance on Miniature Australian Shepherds. We consider Miniature Australian Shepherds as a separate breed.

2014 (c) Arcoiris Australian Shepherds

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