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Arcoiris Australian Shepherds is located on a small farm in Northern Indiana. The Michigan border is about five minutes to the north. We’re very fortunate that there are several ASCA affiliate clubs in the Midwest, as well as many UKC and AKC activities where our dogs can participate. We are members of both National breed clubs, ASCA and USASA.


Janine Kester was born in Indiana. When she was growing up, her parents bred and showed Afghan Hounds and were very successful. So, Janine had experience in the show and competition world from a very young age. After living in Boston for several years where she earned a BA in Art (studio)/ English and also graduated from Nursing school, she returned to Indiana where she worked as a registered nurse, retiring in 2018. She also bred and showed Tennessee Walking horses for several years. However, it was in 1995 when Janine got into Aussies. She acquired a little black tri girl of working lines and she fell in love with the breed. At first, obedience competition was her primary objective, but that soon changed when she realized what a versatile breed the Australian Shepherd is. She became an active member of the ASC of Michigan and served as the Vice President, as well as board member of the club.


Liz Busquets, was born in Puerto Rico. She had German Shepherds and Poodles while growing up. The Aussie wasn't a popular breed in Puerto Rico at the time. While there are cattle farms, dogs are not used much for this type of activity. Liz left the island when she was 19 years old and joined the Army. She has traveled all over the world and has three children. Her ex-husband grew up in a ranch and worked as a cowboy off and on, especially in Wyoming. It was there where Liz saw Aussies working for the first time and fell in love with the breed. They were then sent to Hawaii and having a dog there was quite difficult. Liz dedicated much of her time to the kids and to finishing her master’s degree in Public Health having acquired a bachelor’s degree in Biology while in Massachusetts. Liz also worked at the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii for a number of years. She then moved to Texas and was able to finally acquire her first Aussie. Like Janine, Liz was at first interested in obedience competition, but soon changed to competing in other venues as well. Liz lived in Indiana from 2002 to 2012, where she worked at the University of Notre Dame,and was involved with cancer research. Liz was an instructor teaching competitive obedience, rally and conformation handling at Planet Canine in Elkhart, Indiana. She also served as a member and Affiliate Rep. of the Hoosier Working ASC and current member of ASC of Michigan. In 2012, after obtaining a BA in History at Indiana University, Liz moved to Georgia, where she obtained her Master's in History at University of Georgia, where she is currently a PhD in History candidate. Liz is an ASCA Breeder judge and obedience judge through open, a volunteer with ASGHI, and has served as a  member of the ASCA DNA committee, and past author of the Versatility column in the Aussie Times. Liz is currently a member of the Board of  Directors of ASCA and began serving as President of ASCA in the fall of 2018. 


Arcoiris Australian Shepherds is striving to produce versatile Aussies, retaining working instinct and ability, while adhering to the Breed Standard. Every breeding has a specific goal and a specific purpose for the future. Pedigrees are studied as carefully as we can, taking into consideration genetics, structure and movement, temperament, and working instinct.

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